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1997-10-01 09:38:32


How Did This Happen? A Programmer Explains



Randall Bart has been a COBOL programmer since 1972. He explains how noncompliant legacy systems just grew. Nobody planned them.

This means that the free market, coordinated by price and profit, has failed on a massive scale. This may be the greatest market failure of all time. I say this as a fan of the free market and of F. A. Hayek, who wrote so much to defend the legitimacy of unplanned systems.There is more to human systems than human design or human action can account for. (On this point, see Appendix C of my book, THE DOMINION COVENANT: GENESIS, where I challenged Hayek's hypothesis.)

Of course, the government would have botched things up if left to itself. But governments installed privately manufactured computers. Yes, even the USSR did.


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