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1997-10-01 14:04:10


Half the Computer Divisions Won't Get Extra Money in '98 for Y2K



If you don't pay to fix y2k, it won't be fixed. Almost half of polled managers of computer divisions say they don't expect to receive extra money in 1998.

A few say they won't need extra money. One cause for their optimism: they don';t have legacy systems. But the y2k problem is about legacy systems: old code. The non-legacy systems interact with legacy systems. The bad data will spread.

This appeared in COMPUTERWORLD (Sept. 22).

* * * * * * * *

To hear some analysts tell it, every IS manager under the sun should be ramping up his year 2000 repair effort now, if not yesterday.

But a Computerworld survey on budget trends for next year shows IS managers are split about whether they should take a bigger bite out of next year's budgets to take care of the year 2000 bug. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed said they expect year 2000 spending to rise next year, 46% expect it to stay flat and 6% predicted a drop. . . .

One reason some managers are confident is that their applications or hardware are relatively new, meaning they are more likely to be year 2000-compliant than older, mainframe-based Cobol systems.


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