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1997-10-01 14:14:29


Key Problem: Coordinating the Solutions



State agencies must get legislators to fund the repair. But then the question is: Who coordinates it? Using what standard?

So far, only 32% of the states have done a y2k assessment. According to the California White Paper, assessment is 5%. Awareness is 1%. Inventory is 1%.

My conclusion: the states are not going to make it.

This story appeared in COMPUTERWORLD (Sept. 6): "State of the states."

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The most difficult issues posed by the year 2000 problem involve managing solutions -- getting disparate state agencies to agree on an approach and convincing elected officials to support that solution, said state officials. "When I look at the [year 2000] problem, I see a complex project management problem," said Andrew Pettigrew, executive director, general support services/department of personnel for Colorado in Denver. "To me, the key to success is not necessarily the tools ... the real issue is how we will coordinate the planning to make sure that we have executed all the various phases of [year 2000 project]." . . .

Congress will also learn from that survey that 66% of the systems that manage human services on the state level are more than seven years old, said Terrence Maxwell, executive director of the N.Y. State Forum for Information Resource Management, an Albany-based public policy group that worked on the survey for NASIRE.

Year 2000 compliance will probably be a significant issue for states with older systems, Maxwell said. "You would expect that the older systems in general would have more problems," he said.

The survey also showed that only 32% of the states have done a year 2000 assessment.


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