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1997-10-02 21:47:55


Shared Data: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Warning



This NRC report, SECY-97-213 (September 24, 1997 ), outlines the problems facing the U.S. Government. But they face all other systems, too.

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Second, unlike a normal system development or maintenance activity, many systems must be worked on concurrently. Comparisons and computations using dates permeate practically all computer systems within the Federal Government, State and local governments, and in the private sector. There is thus a real potential for substantial strain on another key resource-expertise.

Third, complexity is increased by concurrent changes to multiple systems and elements within a system (e.g., the operating system). Because computer systems inter-operate and share data, the modified systems must be tested together. Furthermore, all of these changes must be made and tested while the current systems continue to operate.


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