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1997-10-04 11:43:09


GAO Warns Army: Too Far Behind



COMPUTERWORLD (Oct. 1) reports that the General Accounting Office has warned the U.S.Army that it is facing "critical problems" because of its failure to deal with y2k.

The GAO report can be accessed through a link in the COMPUTERWORLD article, but you must have the Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or 3.1 reader to view it. The report reveals that the LSSC has completed its inventory of code (p. 2).

The California White Paper says that awareness is 1% of a y2k repair job, and inventory is 1%. The LSSC is now engaged in assessment (5%), which it has not finished.

To say that the LSSC is behind is understating the situation.

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The U.S. Army may not be able to properly buy, maintain or transport military equipment after Jan. 1, 2000, if its year 2000 efforts don't improve, a congressional watchdog agency has warned.

The Army's Logistics Systems Support Center, which oversees $23 billion in annual spending on equipment and supplies, faces some "critical problems" in grappling with its year 2000 project, according to a General Accounting Office report issued last week. "As a result, it could be extremely difficult to efficiently and effectively equip and sustain the Army's forces around the world," the study concluded. . . .

With some key year 2000 assessment issues still unresolved, the GAO concluded, "LSSC is not presently well-positioned to move forward to the more difficult phases of renovation, validation and implementation. ... We believe LSSC will find it increasingly difficult to prepare [its Commodity Command Standard System] in time."


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