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1997-10-06 17:04:35


88% of Companies Under 2,000 Haven't Begun Y2K Repairs



Over half of the companies employing 20,000 people or more have begun their y2k repairs. (INTERNETWEEK, Oct. 6.) This means that somewhat under half have not, which means that at least half will not finish, according to Capers Jones' warning: October is the deadline for beginning code repair.

Some 88% of companies employing fewer than 2,000 people have not even begun. This means that 88% (aproximately) will not finish.

The percentages appear in a recent Gartner Group study. The assessments are mine.

"They" are not going to get this fixed.

It's the question of suppliers. It's not enough to get your company y2k compliant. Your suppliers must also be compliant.

This is now going to be impossible. Make your plans accordingly.

* * * * * * * *

The bad news is that 88 percent of companies with fewer than 2,000 employees -- nearly one-third of the world's businesses -- haven't even started their Year 2000 projects.

"What that means is that there could be serious problems in the supply chain," said Matthew Hotle, the analyst who heads Gartner's Year 2000 research service. . . .

"A lot of companies send out letters or E-mails to their partners asking for information on their Year 2000 status, but they usually get only about a 25 percent to 30 percent response," Marcoccio said. "And of those replies, we estimate that only about 3 percent to 5 percent are completely accurate." . . .

"In some cases, the only way to know for sure how your suppliers are doing may be to get on a plane, go to their door and knock three times," Hotle said.


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