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1997-10-06 18:31:37


Connecticut: When Is the Deadline for Starting Code Repair?



Conmnecticut's state Web site has several charts with projects and deadlines listed. The interesting thing is that there is no deadline listed for beginning the actual code repair, which must begin, Capers Jones says, in October, 1997, if the project is to be completed on time. Here is one of these charts, with progress listed:

* * * * * * *

Year 2000 Advisory Committee Activities:

Form Committee (in process) 7/18/97

Review Y2K phase definitions (to do) 9/30/97

Develop/release Y2K compliance policy (to do) 9/30/97

Develop compliance language for contracts (to do) 9/30/97

Develop state standards for date format, compliance criteria (to do) 9/30/97

Develop quality assurance, monitoring approach for agency efforts (will do later) 11/30/97

Develop state policies & procedures for implementation and testing phases (will do later) 11/30/97

Develop certification process for agency compliance (will do later) 11/30/97


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