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1997-10-08 16:13:24


Government May Give IRS $377 Million for Y2K



FEDERAL COMPUTER WEEK (Oct. 6) reports that a House subcommittee is willing to give the IRS $377m to fix y2k. This indicates that the government is finally facing up to reality. A few politicians are willing to solve the IRS's y2k problem in the only way they know how: throw money at it. But there is no legislation authorizing the expenditure yet.

Capers Jones estimates that October, 1997, is the last month for starting actual y2k repairs. If any organization delays beyond this date, it will not finish.

This report indicates that the IRS does not yet have a plan for repairing its systems.

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"The conferees are concerned that the [IRS'] century-date-change requirements are not yet finalized, and projects and activities considered as part of the program may frequently change," the subcommittees wrote. "Therefore, the conferees direct the IRS to develop a century-date-change strategy that adequately addresses infrastructure, assessment, application renovation and validation of requirements."

The conferees also directed the IRS to provide quarterly progress reports, and they specified exactly how the agency must spend the first $170 million to solve the problem.


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