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1997-10-21 15:42:20


87% of Mid-Size U.S. Retailers Are Noncompliant



Retailers service customers directly. If they are not compliant, the customer is cut off from the producers. They are not compliant. They are nowhere near compliance. Time is running out.

If suppliers are not compliant, retailers are in trouble. Mid-sized retailers have little clout in getting their suppliers compliant.


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Eighty-seven percent of midsize retailers ($300 million to $2 billion in revenue) still have noncompliant retail management systems, according to a new study released by the National Retail Federation at its annual Retail Information Systems Conference held here last week. . . .

Also at issue is the ripple effect that noncompliant suppliers might have on the retail supply chain. Some larger retailers, such as Sears, are working with their suppliers to ensure that they reach compliance in time. Others, such as Toys R Us, Inc. in Paramus, N.J., have decided they ``can't be responsible for what all suppliers are doing'' to make their systems year 2000-compliant, said Tom Reinebach, senior vice president and CIO at the toy retailer.


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