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1997-10-22 10:52:03


Mortgage Data Firm Faces Deadline Problem



Alltel Information Services handles data processing for one-quarter of mortgages in the United States. This report on its Jacksonville, Florida, operation is revealing. They are not yet at the code repair stage (October 20, 1997). The California White Paper rates awareness as 1% of the task, inventory at 1%, and assessment at 5%.

Capers Jones says that if a firm is not at the repair stage by October, 1997, it will not complete the repair.

* * * * * * *

Alltel's Jacksonville operation has 7 million to 8 million lines of code to check, said Pat Abarelli, senior vice president of product development, who is responsible for the division's Year 2000 project.

The complexity in large remediation projects like these comes at the point where the company interacts with others.

In Alltel's case, that means about 200 clients.

''You don't just have to fix your own stuff, you have to make sure your stuff works with everybody else's stuff, and that they have fixed theirs,'' said Bob Milligan, president of Alltel's residential lending and professional services division.

''We've gone through the initial assessment, we've gone through the entire inventory of all our applications in the system, we've inventoried all our third-party software,'' said Abarelli. Full-scale testing with customers and suppliers is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of next year.


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