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1997-10-22 11:46:36


Yes, Virginia, There is a Y2K Problem: An Extra $50 Million



The state of Virginia has been informed that it must pay an additional $50 million to become y2k compliant. It has already allocated $50 million.

This story appeared in the RICHMOND TIMES DISPATCH (Oct. 19).

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The Gartner Group, a technology research firm from Stamford, Conn., . . . drove home the scale of this issue during a briefing last Monday.

One wonk, the consultants said, would need nearly 540 years to singlehandedly reset Virginia's computers. That includes nine mainframe behemoths, 75 midsized systems and 200 smaller operations.

They all use different programs and operating systems, some that, by data processing standards, are positively prehistoric. As a result, it makes more sense for some agencies to replace their equipment.


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