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1997-10-22 12:52:00


New Software Is Always Buggy: Another Time Constraint



The problem with new software is that it's buggy. Thus, all the talk about rapid, pain-free transitions to new hardware and software is naive. Consider 1999, when all the testing is supposed to take place.

This is from the Milwaukee BUSINESS JOURNAL (Oct. 20).

* * * * * * *

The timeline for getting these new systems up and running varies. Waukesha County expects to put the final pieces in place and have its system up and running by the end of January 1998.

The city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County are looking at bumping right up against the year 2000 before their systems are fully operational and employees trained in their use. . . .

The state of Illinois comptroller's office upgraded its financial information management system last year, but got more than it bargained for.

The system has been buggy, refusing to issue checks on time and causing other problems, leading several state legislators to call for an investigation.


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