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1997-05-23 12:55:25


AT&T's Deadline: December, 1998 (The Universal Date)



The familiar corporate deadline date for finishing code repairs is December, 1998. But AT&T expects to be finished with testing, too. This, with 500 million lines of code to go through. I wish them well. Since their hired repair team got started identifying bad code in November, 1996, they have a huge job ahead of them.

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In November of 1996, DMR TRECOM started to identify computer code at AT&T that was non-compliant; that is, code that had only a two-digit date field. Together, AT&T and DMR TRECOM will continue to perform assessment and begin the process of repair and testing of AT&T's code. The project is scheduled to be completed by December 1998.

"Our goal is to be Year 2000 compliant by year-end 1998," said George Brucia, Year 2000 Program Vice President for AT&T.


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