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1997-10-23 13:45:21


What Citicorp Wants From the Telcoms



Citicorp has presented a list of six demands on the telecommunications industry. They will not be easy to fulfill. What is really scary is that these procedures are not yet in force.

This was reported in COMPUTERWEEKLY NEWS (Oct. 23).

On the allocation of resources to complete a y2k repair task, see the California White Paper.

* * * * * * *

Standardise minimum definitions of compliance across telecoms suppliers.

Hardware/software suppliers agree to certify to minimum definitions.

Hardware and software suppliers agree to provide guaranteed compliant products no later than 1 June 1998, with adequate supply to meet all current customer needs.

Telecoms carriers agree to certify that each service is deployed year 2000 compliant end-to-end, no later than 1 December 1998.

Telecoms carriers give customers access to test plans and results, or allow customer representatives to witness tests.

Telecoms carriers ensure each currently provided service can support end-user testing of the year 2000.


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