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1997-10-24 08:30:28


Britain: Half of Firms Have Done Nothing



The British government has completed a survey of y2k preparedness of businesses. The results were easily prerditable: nothing significant is being done. If we take the California White Paper as a valid guide, there is no way that most British firms will meet the deadline. With 1% for awareness, 1% for inventory, and 5% for assessment, over half of those firms surveyed have over 95% of their projects ahead of them.

Technology Minister Barbara Roche has proven without question that she can speak the language of the bureaucrat:

"Some of the findings are clearly a cause for concern and businesses should take note. The amount being done so far, although good in some areas, is generally not good enough and needs to be improved upon with immediate effect. It is vital that UK companies do all that is necessary to solve the century date change problem."

Vital is as vital does. Almost nobody in Great Britain (or anywhere else) is doing much.

* * * * * * * * *

- 45% have not yet completed a systems audit to prepare for year 2000

- 74.8% of respondents' customers are not insisting on them being millennium compliant

- 53.4% of respondents are not insisting on their suppliers being millennium compliant

- 57% are not planning to allocate budget in 1997/98 to resolving the problem


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