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1997-10-24 08:43:59


Canadian Government Cannot Fix All of Its Systems, Says Official



The Canadian government is now putting new computer projects on hold until the y2k problem is fixed. This was reported in the OTTAWA CITIZEN (Oct. 23).

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Reform MP John Williams, who chairs the Commons public accounts committee, said the government has been too slow adjusting its computer systems.

"The government is past the point of eliminating the millennium bug in time for the year 2000, which means all developmental projects could get shelved or delayed at significant cost," said Mr. Williams. . . .

Bob Mornan, general manager of IBM Canada in Ottawa, said the government must channel all its resources into the 2000 project or all systems will fail. He argued the government can't risk the public outrage of crashing systems, especially when the problem has been known for so long.

"If they don't solve the problem, all the people working with the other systems will be sitting on their hands with nothing to do other than handle the telephone calls of people complaining."


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