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1997-10-24 14:39:04


80% of All US Corporations Will Be Compliant in 2000: Gartner



This is good news indeed! Now, if only we had access to the supporting evidence.

Cap Gemini recently reported that only 16% of Fortune 500 firms are at the code repair stage. (See the October 8 entry in this category.) The software industry knows that only 15% or so of large-scale software projects come in on time.

There is a discrepancy here between what we know about past software revision projects and what Gartner is predicting. Also, Capers Jones says that the deadline for getting started on code revision is October, 1997. Present estimates of the preliminary, pre-code revision status of most y2k projects in industry indicate that few will meet Jones' deadline, meaning they will not meet the deadline in 2000. Why the optimism at Gartner?

We are being asked to make crucial decisions by means of conflicting data.

This report appeared in INFOWORLD ELECTRIC (Oct. 22).

On the allocation of resources necessary to complete a y2k repair task, see the California White Paper.

* * * * * * *

In order to put a perspective on the seriousness of the problem, Fernandez said that by the year 2000, 80 percent of all American corporations will be year-2000 compliant but only 65 percent of European corporations and a mere 20 percent of Asian companies, including Japan.


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