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1997-10-24 17:32:40


A Blessing in Disguise? That's it! Sign Us Up, Too!



This "blessing in disguise" phrase is catching on.

I think this is part of a psychological process. It goes like this:

1. The y2k story isn't true.

2. It's true, but the problems won't be that bad.

3. The problem is really a challenge.

4. Americans (or whoever) can deal with every challenge.

5. After it's over, surviving businseses will be better off.

My suggestion: apply this logic to something comparable, like a plague or a war. See if it still makes sense. Over some time frame, it may. Just not over the next five years. Or ten. Or fifty. Just not to you.

This is from DATAMATION (Oct. 1997).

* * * * * * *

A blessing? What? Year 2000 is the most expensive maintenance project that my company has ever done. Besides, there are no benefits, no new products or cost reductions, only expense.This is the lament of companies around the world.

Yes, the Year 2000 project is a large maintenance expenditure, but it can provide the foundation for implementing the quality controls and management practices the company has needed for years but had neither the time, resources, or money to put in place. Properly implemented, a Year 2000 project can provide significant reductions in maintenance costs.


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