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1997-10-25 11:05:39


Fortune 1000 Can Survive, But Small Firms in Trouble, Experts Say



The Gartner Group has stated that 80% of corporations -- presumably meaning large corporations -- will survive intact in 2000. (See previous entry in this category.) Another consulting group says that small firms may not survive y2k.

This is very interesting. First, we need to know why Fortune 1000 companies are in such good shape. They have so much more code to correct. There is evidence that indicates that they have not begun to repair their code. (See the October 8 entry in this category.) Why, this late in the process, do they possess some advantage?

Second, the smaller a firm is, the easier it is for it to switch to something other than mainframe technology or noncompliant PC technology. My view is that an organization that can be restructured rapidly in an emergency to run on the basis of 3 x 5 cards is in better shape than a behemoth that is dependent on 100 million lines of code.

But that's not the opinion of the experts.

This appeared in TECH WEB NEWS (Oct. 24).

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"There currently aren't enough high-tech trained people, and year 2000 issues will only add to the IT staff shortage," said Neil Cooper, research analyst at Cruttenden-Roth of Irvine, Calif. "Fortune 1000 companies have the technical and human resources to implement Y2K programs, but in general, the smaller companies don't, and are in a lot more trouble."

A recent figure from the Gartner Group, a Stamford, Conn., research company, estimates about 80 percent of corporations will survive the year 2000 without suffering a disruption in their day-to-day business operations.


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