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1997-09-03 15:25:43


North Platte, Nebraska: Nip and Tuck



Dick Brich [pronounced "Brish"] is the one-man programmer in North Platte, Nebrtaska. His self-appointed task is to get the town compliant by December, 1999. As this front-page USA TODAY (April 30) article shows, he has not had a lot of financial support from the county.

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So far, the town is relying on Brich, working regular hours, to solve the problems. But he says his work on the Year 2000 project often gets interrupted. "They all want their little projects done," says Brich, who has reviewed about half the city's code. He doubts he can finish in time. Last year, he finally persuaded treasurer May to ask the City Council for $30,000 so he could hire a part-time COBOL programmer to help rewrite the software. The request was denied. When the town budget process starts up again this summer, he and May will renew their efforts to get funding.


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