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1997-10-25 16:54:47


Europe's Top 100 Firms: Not One Is Compliant



Time is running out. By now, we should have one example of one large firm that is Year 2000-compliant. We don't have one. Shouldn't there be at least one compliant firm? Somewhere? But for asking this, I'm dismissed as a doomsayer.

And I am.

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"The magnitude of the task still at hand and the short time to complete it cannot be overestimated," said Richard Kramer, author of the study made for the U.S. investment bank, Goldman Sachs.

The study found that just 43 out of the 100 biggest European companies had so far conducted a detailed investigation of the implications that the date change could have on their computer systems. Not one said that its software could handle the date change.


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