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1997-03-20 17:32:27


De Jager: Thorough Testing Will Not Be Done



Peter de Jager says that thorough testing of y2k repairs will not be done.

This means that we will not know which systems are reliable until 2000 and beyond.

* * * * * * *

"Testing any system should take at least 50% of the total development task."

That piece of sage advice is offered by any and all computer experts commenting on the process of software development. And they're not changing their tune when discussing the Year 2000 project.

They also reluctantly admit that the ideal of 50% testing is seldom, if ever, met. When you look at the status of most corporate Y2K projects, and then at the looming deadlines, you'll be forced to admit that this project will do no better at meeting this ideal, and will most likely do a whole lot worse.

As we move toward completion of the Y2K project, 50% testing is sounding more and more like a fevered pipe dream. Some organizations are beginning to admit that testing, if it happens at all, will be minimal at best.


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