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1997-10-27 13:18:40


IRS: 102 Million Lines of Code?



It seems that CIO Arthur Gross just has no idea how many lines of code the IRS has to correct. Here he uses a nice, specific number -- about three times higher than the April estimate.

This report has no date on it. It is posted on the Securities Industry Association's Web site.

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Testifying last week before the National Commission on Restructuring the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), IRS Associate Commissioner Arthur Gross called his agency's Y2K conversion task "massive," an undertaking which will span 102 million lines of code and almost 50,000 applications. Gross said failure to take corrective action on date-based fields could "result in the generation of millions of erroneous tax notices, refunds, bills, interest calculations, taxpayer account adjustments, accouting transactions and financial reporting errors."


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