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1997-10-27 16:00:26


Non-Simultaneous Solutions Are Not Solutions: De Jager



Peter de Jager, of "Doomsday" fame, made this point, which was reported in Canada'a MACLEAN'S magazine (Oct. 27).

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De Jager says executives who console themselves with business school equations are seriously deluded. If anything, the worst is yet to come. Because the time for repairs is so short, he says, many companies are sticking with two-digit year codes and making minor adjustments that will allow computers to operate for another 20, 30 or 50 years. However, not all firms are choosing the same time frame. "We're recreating the problem, even as we're fixing it," says de Jager. "Only this time, it will be spread out across the future, without us knowing when systems will fail."


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