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1997-11-01 08:02:11


Over 95% of Companies Are Not Compliant, Worldwide



This article in the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD (Oct. 6) indicates that most firms will not make it to compliance by 2000.

On the allocation of resources necessary to complete a y2k repair task, see the California White Paper.

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According to the Gartner Group, fewer than 5 per cent of organisations worldwide are 2000-compliant. And Jones says that since 1996 the international research company has become increasingly pessimistic that most organisations will complete Year 2000 procedures on time.

Against Gartner's criteria, only 35 per cent of organisations undertaking their Year 2000-compliance programs worldwide have passed the stage of planning the project and detailing costs.

Forty per cent had not passed the awareness phase and were likely to see significant system failures by 2000.

"For some companies, it is too late already. The problem is, the date you have to worry about is not December 1999. Applications will go wrong before then. The financial planning industry typically looks three years ahead. And for the manufacturing industry, things will start going wrong next year."


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