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1997-11-03 17:16:31


Warning from TVA's Y2K Manager: What Systems Could Fail


TVA is the Tennessee Valley Administration, the government-funded electricity producer. INSIDE TVA (Sept. 30) quotes Tommy Denson, manager of TVA's y2k project. TVA claims the project is 75% finished.

The Gartner Group estimated that it would cost TVA $69 million to do the repair. Denson claims that they are coming in 25% to 30% under budget.

I think this indicates that the Gartner estimate was reasonably accurate and/or that TVA will find expensive problems later. It also indicates that Gartner's estimate of $300 billion to $600 billion price tag, worldwide, is not fanciful. Their methodology must be on target. Gartner has a few critics who say that the firm has overstimated costs. This is evidence that the critics are wrong.

Denson also said:

* * * * * * *

This simple computer glitch has the potential to affect all aspects of TVA. Automated systems, such as security cards, elevators, and heating and cooling, could fail.

At fossil plants, the temperature and monitoring devices are date-sensitive, and they could shut down the plants. And in Transmission/ Power Supply, the system that automatically sends power out at the right time and date could malfunction.

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