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1997-11-04 16:49:39


Health Care Industry: Bad Data Problem



Joel Ackerman warns of the problem of importing bad data. In the health care industry, it could kill someone.

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Your organization may correct its in-house systems for year 2000, and your trading partner (e.g., supplier or customer) may do the same for theirs. However, what assumptions did they make in modifying their systems? There are several technical approaches to modifying systems for year 2000 survival. Perhaps you used a fixed windowing approach and they used a sliding window. If so, you might each interpret a specific date differently. What is the operational and legal impact of "bad" data getting into your systems or those of your suppliers and customers? Will orders get screwed up or claims paid (or denied) incorrectly? Do you know that the content and format of the electronic messages you send to them are compatible with what they are expecting to receive?


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