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1997-11-04 23:53:33


PC Business Programs Are Not Compliant, Yet Are Crucial



Mainframes are only part of the y2k problem. PC machines on desktops contain information on which companies depend. They must fix these programs and machines as well as mainframes.

This is from Australia's FINANCIAL REVIEW (Nov. 4).

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Fixing the application code on the company's eight giant mainframes and various mid-range platforms was always going to be expensive but some desktop-related expenses had come as a nasty shock, Mr Wellington said.

"Every desktop in the company has a PC and that has really compounded the problem," he said. "Sitting in front of those PCs are people who have come out of college, who know how to use technology, and who have created nice little macros and spreadsheets to assist them in doing their job.

"We have found literally millions of these programs out there and people depend on them to do their job. Until you dive into this (year 2000) problem, you simply cannot understand how large it is. It touches everything, everything you do.


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