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1997-11-05 13:38:39


Great Britain: 75% of Manufacturers Have No Y2K Strategy



This report from Great Britain points to problems in the future. This is a huge percentage at this late date.

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. . . 75 percent of UK manufacturers have no strategy to address the Year 2000 date change problem. The research, Newsbytes notes, was sponsored by CIM 97, Compaq, Computervision, DataWorks, Digital, IBM, ICL, Microsoft, Minerva, SAP, Sun, SSI, and Swan Production Software.

The study, carried out by Benchmark Research and based on over 1,700 telephone interviews, claims to show that two-thirds of manufacturers have no written guarantees that their systems are Year 2000-compliant And half of the companies surveyed believe that their systems will not cope with the so-called Millennium problem. . . .

The survey also claims to show that two-thirds of manufacturers claim that their existing software cannot cope with European Monetary Union, as well as the prediction that investment in IT by UK manufacturers will increase to an estimated UKP3.2 (US$5.2) billion in 1998 from UKP3.1 billion in 1997 and just under UKP3 billion in 1996.


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