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1997-11-06 19:08:02


European Governments Will Not Meet Deadline, Says Gartner Group



The Gartner Group is one of the best-informed of those organizations studying the Year 2000 Problem. This report warns of bad news for Great Britain's governments. But Great Britain is generally regarded as the most advanced country in Europe with respect to y2k.

This story from COMPUTER WEEKLY NEWS (Nov. 6).

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It is already too late for the Government to solve its year 2000 problem, even if it commits significant resources tomorrow, according to a study by Gartner Group. Gartner predicts that 40% of public sector bodies in Europe will experience failures in mission-critical systems because of the millennium problem. "The UK situation is different in that there are particular problems around the ownership of outsourced systems that will require complex negotiations, but our prediction still holds for the UK," said Gartner analyst and report author Andy Kyte. . . .

The report warns: "Gartner Group has no evidence of significant remediation activity taking place in any European government."


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