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1997-11-08 12:15:59


PC Software Is Not Compliant



It is not just that PC's are not compliant. It is that their software is not compliant.

This has enormous implications for y2k repairs of mainframes. Mainframes in large systems, such as banks and insurance firms, import data from PC's. If PC software is not compliant, the mainframes will be noncompliant. (See the November 8 posting under "Imported Data.")

This appeared on the British Broadcasting Corporation's Sci/Tech page (Nov. 6).

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A Consumers' Association survey suggests that most of the software designed for home users to fix the so-called millennium bug does not work for PC software -- only the hardware. . . .

The Consumers' Association found very few software products that would audit every application for time accuracy every time the software was used.

Even when run on computer hardware that correctly determines the date after 2000, software like spreadsheets, databases and accounting programs that rely on dates to work effectively are likely to experience problems. . . .

Government services that rely on computers are also failing to address the millennium computer problem, according to the report. National Health Service records and appointment databases, the reissuing of driving licences, passports and social security payments may all be affected.


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