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1997-11-08 12:23:59


Irish Companies: Almost 50% Have No Y2K Plan



October, 1997, was the deadline for beginning code repair, according to Capers Jones' report. If not, the organization will not finish its repair. This is bad news for Ireland.

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Almost half the State's top companies have no written plans to deal with the possible disruption to computer-based data systems created by the dawn of the year 2000 and large numbers are unable to estimate the costs involved. . . .

The survey was carried out by surveying the top 200 companies in the Republic and all Government departments. Despite these findings, 71 per cent of respondents say the year 2000 issue is either "serious or fundamental" for their business.

While overall awareness of the problem is high, only 38 per cent of senior managers and company board members are familiar with the issue. "It appears that further work will be necessary to ensure that boards and senior management are adequately briefed on this important issue." Those who have not yet started their year 2000 preparations may find it impossible to complete the necessary work in time, according to Price Waterhouse. . . .

The survey points out that 77 per cent of companies have requested confirmation from hardware and software sellers about the year 2000, but only 44 per cent have received replies. . . .

The survey says that 40 per cent of respondent companies have not considered requesting confirmation from business partners on their preparations for year 2000.


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