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1997-11-08 14:16:08


Life-Support Systems Are at Risk, Says UN Official



A United Nations official testified to the House Subcommittee on Technology on November 4. He listed the systems that may be at risk in every nation.

Would you say that these are important? Would you say that this threat is believable only by wild-eyed newsletter editors?

Would you say that you may be seriously at risk?

* * * * * * * *

Identify systems of national importance and ensure there are plans for them to be fixed in time. These may include:

Communications - Telecommunications and data networks

Emergency Services - Police, Ambulance and Fire

Energy - Generation and supply

Finance - Banking and trading

Food Supply - Shipping storage and distribution

Manufacturing - Supply chains and automated process control system

National security - Defense and intelligence services

Public health - Hospital equipment and systems

Small and medium sized enterprises - Supply chains, manufacture and distribution

Government Exchequer - Tax collection, customs and excise, and welfare payments

Transport - Air, trains, traffic systems, mass transit systems

Utilities - Water supply and waste management


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