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1997-11-10 18:54:08


It's Not Just Mainframes; It's PC's and Software, Too.



A recent survey by Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Assn.) indicates that the nation's financial institutions have a lot more problems than just their mainframes. It's everything that is run by a computer or on a computer.

What is true of banks is true of all large organizations.

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The survey -- commissioned by Fannie Mae and conducted by Hart-Riehle-Hartwig Research Group -- asked 400 experts from banks, brokerages and credit unions about their awareness of the year 2000 problem and their preparations for it.

Although the troubles will strike many mainframes, 66% of those surveyed said the year 2000 problem will also strike their PC networks, and 56% said that compliance issues will affect most if not all of their software.


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