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1997-11-10 19:00:11


Telecommunications Networks Are Going to Get Hit in 2000



Entire corporate communications systems are y2k vulnerable -- systems that most corporate managers take for granted.

This story appeared in INTERNETWEEK (Nov. 10).

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Many network devices made before 1996-including bridges, routers, gateways, multiplexers, DNS and E-mail servers-are in serious danger of stumbling over the Year 2000 date glitch that is affecting mainframes and other legacy systems, experts last week said.

In fact, one vendor-Bell Atlantic Network Integration ( week launched a Year 2000 assessment service specifically for networks. BANI, a subsidiary of Bell Atlantic, has compiled a database of more than 800 network devices that are vulnerable to performance problems or failures due to the Year 2000 bug. . . .

"Firewall software may mistakenly deny access to the wrong people," Carney suggested. "Network management systems may fail to collect important data. Routers and bridges might not perform the tasks they are supposed to." . . .

Many network devices built before 1996 were programmed with two-digit date fields that will not translate into the new millennium, according to Art Dolimpio, director of product management for BANI's new Network 2000 Assessment Program. Networks installed before 1996 have a 90 percent chance of experiencing a Year 2000-related problem, he said.


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