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1997-11-10 20:55:04


California Power Company Y2K Repair Overseer Says, No Problem!



The Los Angeles TIMES ran a story, mostly optimistic, on y2k. It devotes several paragraphs to power generation. The executives interviewed assured the reporter that there is no big problem with their industry.

The story did not stay posted long. The link died. I have substituted a link to COMPTERWEEKLY NEWS.

This summary was from the original article.

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"It's like weeding a garden," said Sally Katzen, who oversees federal efforts on the problem for the Office of Management and Budget. "You just have to get in there and pull the weeds," Katzen said.

The weed-pulling started two years ago at Pacific Gas & Electric, one of California's largest utilities. John Greer, manager of computer systems, said the San Francisco-based company is on schedule to finish by the end of 1998.

"We had a magazine call us, and they were milking us to tell them that everything would turn black," he said. "But it's not going to happen."

That's partly because the computer systems that manage the delivery of electricity are the least vulnerable.

"Our automated systems tell power plants to come on or off to meet demand," Greer said. "All of that is based on monitoring physical conditions -- current, voltage and frequency. They're not looking at what day of the year it is."


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