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1997-11-11 18:46:38


Nuclear Power Problem: How Dependent Is Your Region?



Some regions of the U.S. rely on nuclear power stations for half of their power. These plants are not y2k-compliant. Economist Ed Yardeni of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell testified to the Senate Banking Committee on November 4. His report, based on public sources, raises serious concerns. What if the Nuclear Regulatory Commission orders these plants closed in late 1999? Some regions would be devastated.

* * * * * *

1. There are 110 licensed nuclear power plants generating 22% of the nation's electricity.

2. Three of the six major regions of the country depend on nuclear power for at least one- quarter of their electricity.

3. Six states Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, Vermont, South Carolina, and Illinois rely on nuclear power for more than half their electricity.

4. More than 80 nuclear plants have gone on line since 1973 and they accounted for 40% of the increase in US electricity demand since then.

5. More than 30 nations rely on nuclear energy for a portion of their electricity supply. In 1996, the 442 nuclear power plants operating in the world generated one-sixth of the total electricity produced on the planet.

6. Western Europe depends on nuclear energy for about 42% of its electricity. Japan is at 35%. East Asia is at 17%.


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