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1997-11-14 09:47:02


Widespread Problem, Difficult Solution, Says Joint Announcement



This joint declaration of organizations dealing with the embedded chip problem puts the overall problem in perspective. Conclusion: this is not some minor problem with an easy solution.

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Year 2000 user groups co-sponsoring the joint position statement are: New York 2000 User Group; Tennessee Y2K Issues Group in Nashville, Tennessee; Midwest 2000 Sharing Group in St. Louis; Arizona Millennium Group in Phoenix; "The Nutmeg Centurians" in Trumbull, Connecticut; Society for Information Management (SIM) Year 2000 Working Group; Central Indiana Year 2000 User Group; Bluegrass Year 2000 Group in Lexington, Kentucky

We have not had any user group decline involvement.

"Embedded Systems" include microprocessors and computer chips embedded in many process controls, sensors and other devices. These systems often require someone with detailed product knowledge to identify the component and test it. In many instances, only the vendor or their supplier is in a position to know how to fix the embedded system. Older equipment may no longer be supported by the original equipment manufacturer, and an upgrade or replacement is required.

These embedded systems need to be identified, evaluated, corrected where needed, tested, the testing documented, the results reviewed for validity, and other adjustments made. This is all easy to say but it can be very difficult and time consuming to achieve. Studies and reports indicate that very few organizations have even begun to fix their embedded systems problems.


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