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1997-02-24 00:00:00


A Sample Repair Guide: Anything But Simple (GTE's Guide)



This long, detailed report was produced by General Telephone (GTE Corp). Look it over to get a sense of the monumental task that faces most large businesses on earth. Then ask yourself: (1) Where will the managerial talent come from to ramrod this kind of repair? (2) How many programmers, at how much per hour? (3) Where will the money come from to do the repair? (4) Where will they get the spare mainframe capacity to run the parallel testing? (5) Where will they locate the old programs' source code? (6) Where will they locate the original code's compilers?

Finally, how does the government intend to do this for 7 cents per line of code?

But if governments fail, what good will it do a business to spend $40 million to $100 million to fix its machines? It's a Catch-22 problem. Hence, it isn't being dealt with effectively. It's being deferred. But the results can't be deferred. They will arrive like clockwork.

The next time someone tells you that the Year 2000 Problem is some minor item, let him read this document. He's either uninformed or else he's in a state of denial. Maybe both.

But if you read all thius and then sit there and shrug your shoulders, then you're in a state of denial, too. The more knowledge you possess, the more responsible you become.


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