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1997-11-18 09:41:26


Strategy to Deal With Noncompliant PC's in Business


This was posted on Peter de Jager's discussion forum. It makes good sense. How many businesses, worldwide, will do it? One percent? Optimist!

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I'd like to suggest this approach. First, develop a big brightly colored hard-to-remove label that says something like YEAR 2000 OK or NOT YEAR 2000 OK. The YEAR 2000 OK label can be bright green, the other bright red.

Second, make a policy that all PCs older than a 486 (or whatever level you deem appropriate) will automatically be considered non-compliant. They get counted and get red-labeled. Labels prominently applied.

Third, the remainder of the PCs are assessed with a package. Those that pass get the green label, those that fail get the red label. Count them. Labels prominently applied.

Fourth, make sure that everyone knows that red-labeled PCs are not to be used for anything involved in date manipulation, even peripherally.

Finally, advise management that they have x thosand PCs in their inventory, and out of those, y thosand are not compliant and should be replaced. Do this before the 1998 budget cycle completes so they can budget for replacements. (Be prepared to assess those older machines in case some are compliant).

By the way.

Keep in mind that if the motherboard on a compliant PC is replaced, that machine will have to be re-assessed for compliance.

IMHO Chris Rohrs

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