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1997-11-20 08:25:20


Programmer Shortage? Hire the Homeless!



The expected programmer shortage will create problems for companies that want to make the repairs.

Next time you see some fellow sleeping in a box in the park, go over to him. Wake him up. Ask him if he knows COBOL. Tell him he doesn't need to know Assembler, just COBOL. If he does, his ship has come in. He can get that home he's always wanted.

And all the Thunderbird he can drink.

* * * * * * *

Once it's discovered that there might not be enough staff to do the job, Bill Martorelli, of Giga Information Group, said there are many places to look for help. "A lot of companies are contracting heavily on the outside. They hire temporary employees as well as offshore companies to do the programming tasks."

Martorelli said some of the most common offshore outsourcing spots are in India and Ireland. "They have code factories that do work of certain kinds. It sometimes proves cheaper to go offshore."

However, some companies are finding relief right outside their front doors. "They are definitely not neglecting the entry level people. There are many different sources, like retirees and even the homeless. Companies are leaving no stone unturned," Martorelli said.


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