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1997-11-22 19:16:56


21 Million Lines. Finished by December 1998.



Frontier Communications has 21 million lines of code to repair. It has 16,000 programs to go through, repair, and coordinate. It will finish, they say, in December, 1998.

The story appeared in INFORMATIONWEEK (Nov. 24).

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Long-distance telecommunications company Frontier Communications Corp. hopes to bring its computer systems into year 2000 compliance well in advance of the turn of the century. Early next month, Frontier will announce that it is using Platinum Technology Inc.'s year 2000 conversion tools and consulting services to convert up to 21 million lines of code in its IT infrastructure.

If all goes as planned, the conversion will be completed by December 1998. Frontier, which manages more than a million telephone access lines, brought in consultants from Platinum Technology in Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., to assess the impact of the millennium change on its MVS and AS/400 platforms. The effort involves 16,000 programs on 28 local and long-distance systems mainframes and 10 AS/400s that support regional telephone operations.


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