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1997-11-26 09:18:39


Great Britain's Trains Are Now Beginning Y2K Repairs



As of November, 1997, the largest railroad firm in Great Britain has awarded a y2k repair contract for its timetable and train management systems. It says the job will be ready for testing before 1999.

There are 25 other firms that must become y2k-compliant. Then their repairs must integrate with all the others' repairs.

Still, there is no sense of urgency.

* * * * * *

Railtrack's year 2000 programme director, Philip Collings, said: "We've estimated the cost to the 26 UK rail operators of preventing any year 2000 problems at 60 million, with Railtrack expecting to cover half this bill.

"Railtrack's objective is to get all its systems year 2000 compliant by the end of 1998 so systems can be run and tested in 1999."


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