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1997-12-02 09:10:37


Panic vs. Ignorance Among New Zealand Executives



A y2k consultant in New Zealand says that panic is growing in the business community, yet at the same time apathy is widespread. Large firms seem unaware of what they are facing. Companies need to collaborate on this issue, but they don't.

The article appeared in NZ INFOTECH WEEKLY (Dec. 1).

* * * * * * *

CORPORATIONS yet to confront the year millennium bug are running out of time and their executives are panicking.

Alon Farhy, director of Asia-Pacific operations of United States company Mercury Interactive, says some executives still don't know what they are up against. . . .

"You can't suddenly switch over, and yet there are still large organisations that don't know if they've got the problem." . . .

"What surprises me is there are still some very large businesses that don't really know the extent of their problem to date.

"If you do not know what needs to be done right now you're potentially in big trouble."

He says a high percentage of companies are in that situation. . . .

Each company is on its own, says Mr Farhy. Companies do not collaborate to overcome the problem and treatment is regarded as a highly confidential corporate matter.

"On one hand companies do not want to disclose the size of the problem, while others believe resolving the problem gives them a competitive edge."


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