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1997-12-02 22:59:48


Survey Reports Greater Progress (Undefined)



Some 75% of all companies using mainframes are in some way dealing with y2k, says a report by a subsidiary of Ziff-Davis, the publishing firm. Between 58% and 64% of companies using non-mainframe systems are working on the problem. This was as of summer, 1997.

These figures are higher than any other survey has reported. The sample was large: 31,000 sites.

As to what constitutes "solving their bug issues," the report's summary did not say.

On the allocation of resources necessary to complete a y2k repair task, see the California White Paper.

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CI conducted more than 44,000 interviews at organizations of various sizes in the United States from March to September, and narrowed the survey down to about 31,000 sites. Approximately three-fourths of businesses with mainframes were engaged in solving their bug issues.

But surprisingly, almost as high a proportion of smaller companies using proprietary midrange systems such as Digital VAX, HP 3000, or IBM AS/400s, without mainframes, had millennium bug projects ranging from 58 to 64 percent over the three platforms.


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