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1997-12-04 10:10:57


Rumor Denied: $5 Billion Y2K Suit Against PC Makers



A California law firm has denied that it has launched a $5 billion law suit against several PC manufacturers: IBM, Dell, and Dixons (British).

It says that the media that reported this were wrong.

LOS ANGELES, December 4, 1997--/Y2K WIRE/--Today, the London Times, referencing an article which appeared in Computer Weekly, indicated that Hancock Rothert & Bunshoft is contemplating filing a $5 billion class action suit against the PC industry over the Year 2000 problem. Vito Peraino, chairman of the Year 2000 Practice Group of the firm, commented, "the London Times and Computer Weekly articles are categorically, unequivocally and absolutely false. We have filed no such suit; we have no present intention of filing such a suit; we do not contemplate filing such a suit. We provided an interview to Computer Weekly, which we confirmed by e-mail immediately thereafter, stating that no suit had been filed and that we had no intention of filing such a suit. We were not interviewed by the London Times. We are shocked and disappointed that two such reputable publications would publish such demonstrably false and inaccurate information."

I wonder how this rumor got so much press.


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