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1997-12-04 12:26:36


The Official Timetable



At the late October summit meeting of state governments and Federal agencies, the following timetable was agreed to.

Then there is testing, which is at least 50% of any project -- assuming there are no mistakes that must be re-coded.

This list will let us know if there is serious progress in 1998. Here are the deadlines. Let the optimists refer to it when they assure us that "we're on schedule" and "we'll meet our deadlines."

On the allocation of resources, including time, necessary to complete a y2k repair project, see the California White Paper.

* * * * * * * *


 * The federal agencies should set deadlines for communicating standards to  the states asap  (better yet, they should set a reasonable date or dates). 

 * Clear goals need to established before any other action is taken or schedule constructed.  

* Should be established by NASIRE and Federal CIO Task Force. 

* The federal agencies should specify interfaces to states by January 1998. 

* All interfaces should be Y2K compliant by January 1999. 

* If  operating on a fiscal year basis, January 1999 may be too late. 

* And whose fiscal year anyway, state or federal? 

* Set a stretch goal to get everyone moving. 

* By January 31,1998 each federal agency should publish all mission critical interfaces on a Web page. 

*Smaller group (NASIRE and Federal CIO council reps) should meet on this no later than  November 20, 1997. 

* An Internet newsgroup should be established. 

* Bring in the Y2K project manager from each area to each decision-making meeting. 

* The involvement of working level, program office, and technical programming staff is important. 

* Information on timelines for Y2K specifications need to be issued asap. 

* Budget requests for FY 99 are due to the legislature now! 

* Have interfaces at the federal level on www with links to  the agencies by February 1998. 

* Some timelines may depend on the nature of the interface. 

* Have timelines for data interchanges by the federal agencies to the states -- goal of January 1998 seems appropriate. 

* The "standard exchange format" is very reasonable.  The federal agencies should identify that by  November 15, 1997. 

* Six months should be the outside limit for identifying interchanges to all affected parties. 

* Make the timelines very public, in order to prompt the agencies to come through. 

* The database should be up and running with contact info by December 15, 1997.  

* The federal data should be organized and available via web by 1/31/1998. 

* Establish goals (with consensus) by November 20, 1997 via the NASIRE/CIO Council. 

* Over the period, 1/1/98 to 4/1/98, perform an interface exchange of information from the federal  government. 

*  Have Web-based contact inventory available by 1/31/98. 


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