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1997-12-04 12:44:45


Railroad Jam-Up Creates Coal Shortage, Power Problems


What we are seeing now is a foretaste of Year 2000 problems if the trains can't run on schedule.

I received this e-mail from Rick Cowles, who runs the "Electrical Utilities and Y2K" Web site.

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The North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) issued the press release that follows. You can access it directly (provided you have the Adobe Reader plugin) at:

I'm posting the whole thing, as it was a press release, and I don't think there's any concern about copyright hooha. I'm also posting it because it falls into the category of "things to think over" as Y2K approaches.


NERC For more information, please contact: Eugene F. Gorzelnik Phone: 609-452-8060

Electricity Supplies Continue to be Tight in Two Areas of the United States This Winter

"Ongoing nuclear generation outages in parts of Illinois and Wisconsin and the New England area will continue to make electricity supplies tight in those areas this winter," says Michehl R. Gent, President of the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC). Plans to shut down nuclear generation in Ontario, Canada are not expected to affect electric customers in Canada or the United States.

"A slowdown in coal delivery by some railroads," he adds, "has seriously reduced on-site stockpiles of coal at some generating plants in Texas and the southeast, and south central United States - particularly those dependent on coal from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming." Electricity supplies could be tight in some of these areas if deliveries are not increased before the winter peak demand. . . .

Copies of the 1997/98 Winter Assessment are available from NERC's website at

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