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1997-12-11 08:28:45


Summary in Chicago DAILY HERALD: Word is Slowly Trickling Out



This story offers nothing new, but it offers it to new people.

Slowly, like water trickling through a hole in a dam, the story is getting out. There will come a day when the truth will register with enough investors to create a financial panic. You had better be ahead of them.

This is from the Chicago DAILY HERALD (Dec. 10).

* * * * * * *

Almost every aspect of our lives is dependent on computerization.

Trains, planes and trucks and their dispatchers are loaded with computer chips. So are power plants, especially those using atomic energy.

Banks, brokers, every government agency, TV and radio transmitters, elevators, telephone systems, you name it ... computer chips make them work. . . .

People suddenly becoming aware and pulling their money from banks and selling their stocks could trigger economic chaos and possibly a depression to match 1929.

What is so challenging about this mess is nobody knows what's going to happen. Educated predictions are plentiful. They vary wildly.

Much of government and business is in a state of denial. Executives do not want to believe. They hope a magic bullet will make it go away.

There is no magic bullet - only millions of man hours and dollars yet to be expended.


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