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1997-12-15 09:57:02


Agency Completion Dates: 2000 to 2019



Congressman Stephen Horn has released the projected completion dates for various U.S. government agencies, based on their present progress.

Check out Defense. Check out Transportation, which includes the FAA. Who will be flying if the FAA isn't compliant?

Then there is Treasury. Got some T-bills in your portfolio?

[The link is dead (Feb. 26).]

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Based on current rates of progress, these federal agencies report that computers performing "mission-critical" functions will be fully updated to recognize 2000 by:

•2019: Energy Department

•2019: Labor Department

•2012: Defense Department

•2010: Transportation Department

•2010: Office of Personnel Management

•2005: Agriculture Department

•2004: Treasury Department

•2002: General Services Administration

•2001: Health and Human Services Department

•2001: Justice Department

•Mid-2000: Education Department

•Mid-2000: Agency for International Development

•Mid-2000: Federal Emergency Management Agency

•Early 2000: National Air and Space Administration

Source: House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, subcommittee on government management, information and technology.

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